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Base: $26.25

Usage: $10.50/ 1,000 gallons


Base: $33.25

Usage: $5.25/1000 gallons

* based on water usage


 35 gallon $11.10

 65 gallon $14.62

 95 gallon $18.15

Pick- up is every Thursday


 Pick-up is every other Wednesday.

Billing Procedure:

  • Water meters are read approximately the last week of the month. 

  • Utility bills are mailed as close to the 1st of the month as possible with a due date of the 15th. 

    • If the bill is not paid by the 15th, a $10 late fee will be added to the bill. 

    • Shut-off notice will be sent out, resident will get an additional 10 days to pay  

    • If the service is interrupted, a $75 disconnect fee will be added to the delinquent utility bill. 

      • All charges and fees must be paid in full prior to re-connection of water service.


Payment Information:

Utility bill (water, sewer, garbage) payments can be made at the following locations:

  • City Clerk’s office (Office Hours: Mon & Thurs, 8am - 4pm)

  • Mail to:  City of Lucan     PO Box 7     Lucan, MN 56255

  • First Independent Bank-Lucan Branch (drop off with a teller or in the night deposit drop box)

  • Online at

  • ACH Recurring payment (sign-up here)

**it is the residents responsibility to assure payment is in the City's possession

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