Community Center

Originally built as a school building with an addition of a gym in 1958, it was later deemed neither cost or energy efficient to run and was bought by the highest bidder, who then donated it to the City of Lucan.

It has a full kitchen, with smaller dining area, banquet room and, of course, gym in the lower area. There is a parking lot to the east and the city park is just down the hill.

According to fire code the center can hold 100 people in the banquet area and 32 in the kitchen/ small dining area. You can find updated pictures below to help you decide if this area is right for you.

Check here to see if your date is available!!


Kitchen Area/ Gym

$75.00- per day

$40.00- up to 4 hrs

Banquest Room/Kitchen Area/ Gym

$100.00- per day

$50.00- up to 4 hrs

Table/ Chair Rental

$10/ folding table / day

$0.25/ chair/ day

$10/ picnic table/ day


City Office  409 Second Street  Lucan, MN      Phone: (507) 747-2202     

Hours of Operation   Monday & Thursday  8 am - 4 pm

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