St. Patrick's

Day Parade and Program

Started in 1987, with the initiation by Joseph Dolan and led by golf carts, this tradition is hosted on the Sunday after St.Patick's Day every year. 
Most recently, the day starts with a scrambled egg breakfast hosted by the Lucan Lions. The local watering hole, Knott's Corner, opens for people to enjoy lunch, kids activities, and of course green beer. At 1:00 pm sharp, the parade starts, lead by our dutiful fire department and followed by our Grand Marshall's. Businesses, individuals, and associations from near and far enter into our free parade.
The parade spans the central part of Main street. Going down one side and returning up the other. Streets are packed, spirits are high, and candy buckets are full!
Rain, sun, wind and snow, Lucan will celebrate through it all!!


City Office  409 Second Street  Lucan, MN      Phone: (507) 747-2202     

Hours of Operation   Monday & Thursday  8 am - 4 pm

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