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Lucan, Minnesota

Lucan Minnesota, located in Redwood County, is 20 miles Southeast of Marshall and 20 miles Southwest of Redwood Falls with a total of 0.40 square miles.

It sits in sections 21 and 22 of Granite Rock Township,  platted in 1902 and incorporated as a village that same year. According to the last census, 2020, Lucan had a population of  214. 

The Lucan Depot was apart of the Chicago-Northwestern Passenger railway and had about 6 trains pass through it daily.

In 1904, the Redwood County Commissioners approved a petition filed by residents of Lucan to form a school district. District #108 had 48 students and 1 teacher when it first opened. It stayed opened, fluctuating enrollment, until 1981 when the building site was declared a surplus and sold to the highest bidder, the Lucan Lions Club. It was donated to the City and after much renovation, the building became the Lucan Community Center.

Every year the town celebrates 3 traditional days. First, there is the St. Patrick's parade and program that occurs on the Sunday after the holiday.  It was started in 1987 with only 2 golf carts and now it brings in people from all over. Next, there is the Booster Club Golf Day which started in 1983. Thirdly, Pretzel Days which occurs the second weekend of June. Kicking off with the Lucan Lions BBQ feed, it is a weekend jam packed of family, music, softball and many other local favorites.

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